Olivia Poppy Coles, Hyojun Hyun and Aleksandra Wojcik are my personal favourites out of the 20 artists who were shortlisted for the New Sensations Prize 2012, which is a collaboration between Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4.

New Sensations was launched in 2007, and in the five years since its inception, it has given young graduates many opportunities. They have sold their work, been taken on by galleries, invited to be in exhibitions both in the UK and internationally, and shortlisted for other prizes as a result of their work being featured in the New Sensations exhibition.

Olivia Poppy Coles‘ photographic work is incredibly atmospheric, and her pictures are really quite subtle. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out whether each image evokes ominousness or tranquility.

Hyojun Hyun‘s sublime use of paint perfectly portrays the changeable corners of Glasgow. While the painting of a sun-drenched park appears almost abstract, with it’s psychedelic swathes of sunlight, the overgrown “junkie’s place” is shown in all it’s gritty, decaying detail.

Last, but definitely not least is the work of Aleksandra Wojcik. It’s probably evident that I enjoyed her work the most, because I have included so many images, but it was so hard to whittle down which pictures were my favourite. I adore the way that her photography conveys a beautiful sort of bleakness, and the dominance of cold colours in her colour palette.

The New Sensations 2012 exhibition will take place from 9-15 October 2012 at B1, Victoria House, Bloomsbury, London WC1.

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