In Bloom

Flowers are often considered to be the most basic and rudimentary of art subjects. That doesn’t mean they can’t be thought provoking and inspired, though. Previously I’ve touched on preserved flowers and woodland installations, but it seems as though creatives are constantly finding new ways to distance organic substances from the boring and the tired.

This installation by Anna Schuleit is simultaneously enchanting and sad. Schuleit used the interior of the soon-to-be-closed Massachusetts Mental Health Centre in Boston, and filled it with 28,000 potted flowers, which were sorted according to colour. The installation was created to draw attention to the absence of flowers in psychiatric hospital settings. After the exhibition closed, the potted flowers were removed and donated to hospitals, psychiatric units, halfway houses and homeless shelters throughout New England.

These gorgeous watercolour and graphite works by Daryl Feril inject colour, fluidity and femininity into these luxury brands and their familiar logos. The three shown here are my favourites, but there are more to see over on Behance.

This is what happened when Raf Simons decided he wanted to cover the interior of a Parisian mansion with 1 million flowers! This impressively extravagant feat was in aid of the Dior Haute Couture A/W 2012 show, and you can see a video of the set being built over at Dior’s official Youtube channel.

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