The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Bike helmets. Pretty ugly, right? No one looks good while wearing one, and it’s a clunky piece of safety equipment that makes the ease of your bike journey less, well…easy. Watch this amazing video about how two Swedish entrepreneurs have spent the past seven years developing an excellent alternative to wearing a helmet. I will say this first, though – it’s not actually an invisible helmet. I realise you probably suspected that this wasn’t the case, but I just wanted to make sure that you’re not expecting some kind of Harry Potter hocus pocus. This isn’t magic, it’s just science and clever design, which makes it even better in my opinion.

Yep, that’s right, it’s a motion-activated airbag collar! But that doesn’t sound as exciting as ‘The Invisible Bicycle Helmet’, which is actually called a Hövding. You can find out more about how a Hövding works by heading to the official website here, and they currently retail for just under £400.

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