Choupette Lagerfeld in V Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld’s pampered puss features in a spread with Laetitia Casta in V magazine. The fashion world already loves Choupette, and her supposed Twitter account has thousands of followers. Obviously we know that Choupette doesn’t write the tweets herself, but Lagerfeld has already said in a previous interview that she has two maids to look after her, and they keep a diary of her moods when he’s not there! So who knows, maybe they run her Twitter so that Karl can keep tabs on his precious kitty through social media? It’s hard to figure out what actually counts as “ridiculous” to those who are as rich and eccentric as Karl Lagerfeld. However, it’s more likely that it was set up and run by a fashion fan with too much time on their hands and a penchant for comedy.

This is my cat, Misty, by the way. Clearly not as pampered as Choupette but she is a very good breed (Selkirk Rex variant, in case you were wondering) and in this photo she is sleeping on goose down and Egyptian cotton (she thinks my mum’s bed is hers)! Misty is a retired breeding cat, which means that I got a gorgeous healthy pedigree for free.

Remember though, a cat is for life, not just for A/W 12.

2 responses to “Choupette Lagerfeld in V Magazine

  1. Your cat is lovely. And Choupette is soo funny – just Like Karl Lagerfeld.

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