Seeing Double

Visually stunning, these double exposure photographs and prints combine scenes, textures or faces to create compelling juxtapositions.

Takeshi Suga’s use of hazy swathes of oversaturated colour is a technique that we’re used to seeing imitated on Instagram and Hipstamatic to the point of irritation. But sometimes it’s easy to forget how beautiful genuine lomo photography really is. Have a look, I promise you won’t find any boastful shots of restaurant food with artificially curved corners!

When I first found the website of the man who took these pictures – Jon Duenas, I thought I must have got the wrong photographer, as it was mostly wedding photography. But hey, I guess everybody’s got to make a living, right? Sure enough on the ‘Personal‘ section of his website, there are a lot more experimental snaps like the two above.

Dan Mountford is a Brighton-based photographer, who is annoyingly young and annoyingly talented. His work is so beautiful, and  somehow manages to retain a simple minimalism, despite using the double exposure technique.

Mark Weaver takes a more graphical approach, intertwining retro illustrative techniques with photography.

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