Last Sunday I was leisurely browsing on ArtRabbit, making impossible to-do lists of exhibitions I wanted to go and see, when I discovered that I only had a few days left to go and see the Handsome Frank exhibition, “Tweet-a-Brief”. This ingenious illustration show had harnessed the creative powers of the agency’s Twitter followers to create crowdsourced briefs. Ultimately, if you were one of the lucky Twitter users whose brief had been chosen, then you got to have a piece of work commissioned based on your brief. Amazing! I only wish I hadn’t been so late to the party, and then I might have been able to tweet my own brief.
Anyway, I knew that this was one exhibition that I’d really regret missing out on, so I headed down to 71a Gallery on Leonard Street and grabbed my chance to see this small but perfectly formed showcase.

Handsome Frank’s neon logo is also a rather handsome thaang. I wanted to take it away with me, but I think that would have caused a fair amount of upset and outrage. I’d love to have my own “Leonie” neon light for my future dream home. Does that sound really lame and egotistical? Whatever, I don’t care.

Stephen Cheetham‘s response to the “140 Characters” brief by @siulendesign – a whole army of pop culture characters in his signature illustrative style. How many do you recognise out of this extensive line up?

Tony Easley illustrates a trashy, pimped out “One Trick Pony”, as suggested by @noproblemnigel, and Emma Kelly chose to interpret “Blue Monday”, which was sent in by Charlatans frontman @Tim_Burgess

Helen Musselwhite‘s paper sculpture was one of the exhibition’s main focal points, and was a response to the incredibly specific tweet, “I’ve got a strong urge to see wallpaper coming to life in a dolls house,” which was requested by @abi_renshaw.

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