Damon Albarn’s Must-Have Accessory

I have fond memories of reading Smash Hits and Top of the Pops magazine when Britpop was at its peak (my childhood was spent in a strange little village up north, and I don’t think you could even buy NME in the local Post Office) and being tickled by how one (or both?) of them referred to Damon Albarn as “Damon All-Bran”. Now I’m older, I realise just how apt this silly nickname has become. Don’t get me wrong, Alex James is still streaks ahead in the lame stakes, with his range of cheeses and dull village life, but Damon All-Bran is also a bit of a boring smug twat these days. Just look at him desperately clutching on to this impoverished Malian man in an attempt to look like a relevant do-gooder!

“I’m not letting this one get away!” thought Damon, as he held on tightly to his latest photo op.


At least Graham Coxon is still cool…

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