Yayoi Kusama: Princess of the Polka Dots

This is a really nice film about Yayoi Kusama by Louis Vuitton. It’s an excellent roundup of her work, set to a whimsical little piece of music.

I especially appreciate this, because when I went to see the Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern, I had planned on going back through the exhibition to revisit some of my favourite pieces, you know, maybe see how her recent work compared to her earlier stuff – that kind of thing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to do this, because once I’d reached the end of the exhibition and attempted to turn back, some horrible old bat with a large polka-tentacle on her face (it was some kind of mole, but I’d like to think that her growth sort of resembled something Yayoi Kusama would see on her anyway) told me that there was “no re-entry”. This didn’t really make sense as I hadn’t actually left the exhibition, but never mind. I mean, whatever. I’m not bitter about it or anything…

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