Real Life Futurama!

These hand made Futurama opening credits are pretty slick.

Unfortunately, if last week’s underwhelming laser show for the pompously named “inauguration of The Shard” is anything to go by, we’re still a long way off living our lives like Fry, Zoidberg & co.

London’s premier vulgar display of wealth was opened with a light show to entertain all of us serfs, but the reality didn’t live up to the photoshopped PR hype. I suspect that things may have worked out better if they’d have left things in the capable hands of some creatives like, ohhh I don’t know, maybe Hussein Chalayan and Swarovski?Yeah, that’s right, the lasers aren’t being shone on those dresses – they’re radiating from the dresses! Admittedly, it’s probably a whole lot easier to do an impressive laser display on a smaller scale, but I’d have much rather been at this small, but perfectly formed, show in 2008 than watching Thursday’s debacle.

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