Crocheted Creatures

Etsy sells some absolute shite, but in amongst the crap, there’s also fuckloads of great stuff made by incredibly talented people.

Previously, I have showcased the delightfully miniature work of Shay Aaron, an artist from Tel Aviv who makes shrunken versions of your favourite foods using polymer clay. Now I have discovered some equally tiny, equally adorable offerings from Suami on Etsy. Suami isn’t just one person, though – they’re a Vietnamese crocheting collective. Using embroidery thread, they crochet teeny tiny (fingertip sized) toy animals. Some of my favourites are below…

Wow. I feel kind of embarrassed – that was incredibly saccharine. I need to go check that I still have a dark side after all the cuteness. I’m going to listen to some Bauhaus or whatever…and then stamp on a cupcake or something? Yeah, screw you, cute stuff!

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