Photographic Fashion

The latest Hermès collaboration is with artist Hiroshi Sugimoto for a line of limited edition scarves. The ombré photographic prints work amazingly well on silk, and create a vibrant simplicity. Below, you can see three of the scarves and their corresponding Polaroid original. The chic simplicity of these gradient colours make for beautiful and timeless scarves, but I’m really interested to see how these slightly more experimental prints would look on fabric. The series is entitled ‘Ruined Polaroids’ by William Miller, and the output is the result of a broken Polaroid camera which produces faulty pictures with abstract, uncontrollable swathes of colour. I love the aesthetic – they’re like an organic version of a glitch. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare €7,000 to spend on a scarf, then you can buy a limited edition Hermès/Sugimoto creation right here…you smug bastard!

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