I Love Lamp

Tomomi Sayuda has taken the ubiquitous bamboo and paper lamp shade, and turned it into something far more decorative and intricate with the Daydream series of lamp shades. The floral aesthetic is the result of Sayuda taking inspiration from blooms in spring.

The Hyphae lamp by Nervous System has been created using 3D printing methods. The intricate design reminds me of coral, and when turned on, the lamp creates a beautifully ambient psychedelic pattern on any surface it hits.

German designer Peter Kraft has created lights which ‘grow’ and change shape when they react to the heat from the bulb filament. In the photograph above, you can see how the  lights initially look. Below, it shows how the heat has changed the shape of the glass.

I love the clean, studio aesthetic of the chrome mirror balls lamp by Tom Dixon. I’d definitely have a few of his pieces in my fantasy home. I love the wingback chair as well, it looks like something a Bond villain would relax in – always a good look!

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