Becoming Real

As technology gets more sophisticated and ubiquitous, there is inevitably a yearning by some for the real and material, even if it is simply for novelty value. Recently, I came up with the idea to recreate a Pinterest board on a wall of the agency where I currently intern, Brand Advocate. The title of the board was “Wish List” and it was populated with things that everyone in the office would like to own, drive, eat, wear…whatever. I drew a browser window around the finished collection of images to make it clear that it was a reference to Pinterest and I also added the interface graphics and logo. While the finished results weren’t perfect, I was working on my own to a time scale of three hours, and the purpose was simply to make the walls of the account management department look more interesting. Either way, I was really pleased that our creative director chose my idea in the first place.

Here are some other creative ways in which the digital has been brought back into the real world or recreated in a material form. To be honest, they make my real life Pinterest wall look pretty lame.

Minesweeper scratch cardsThe Minesweeper postcard by Connect Design means you can send a postcard to a friend with a retroactively imagined version of the popular PC game. The cards include flag and smiley face stickers and come in easy or hard modes with 80 or 120 mines. You can see more images and order them directly from the Connect Design website here.

Analogue Twitter feedThis analogue Twitter wall was created by Precious design studio for re:publica, one of Europe’s largest conferences about social media, blogging and the digital society. The 3 day event saw a total of 38,378 tweets posted on the wall! More info on the event can be found over at the Creative Applications Network.

Youtube street installation

Google Maps-inspired artAram Bartholl created these huge wooden sculptures to imitate the images seen on Google maps, when a distinctive red pin marks out where Google assumes the centre of the city is.

An ‘app’ in the form of a DIY pocket bookThe Hipster Habit App is actually just a fold up booklet that you can use as a pocket guide for how to improve your life, depending on what changes you feel you need to make. The template can be downloaded here.

Traditional Photoshop!

This real life version of Photoshop was commissioned by an Indonesian software re-seller and created by Bates141 Jakarta.

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