Digital Exploration

For me, Google Street View has always possessed a slightly voyeuristic charm. I’m naturally quite a curious (or nosey, depending on how you want to look at it) person. Even when it’s totally banal, a small snapshot into how other people live their lives can be fascinating in so many different ways. I often find myself swooning over gorgeous houses and wondering if the life of the inhabitant is as amazing as the exterior suggests. Embarrassingly, when I first discovered Google Street View, I used to use it to look at rougher neighbourhoods in London that I would never have dared to go and visit. As Google View expands and becomes more and more detailed, it seems as though you could almost digitally explore the world before seeing it in real life. When I finally have some money to go travelling, I will definitely be scoping out my desired destinations on Google Street View first!

Jon Rafman’s project ‘The Nine Eyes of Google Street View‘ doesn’t just focus on the static buildings and roads that you expect to see, it showcases the more human aspects of Google Street View. The images on his blog cover the mysterious, the heart-wrenching and the mundane. The fact that these images were all taken incidentally only adds to their charm. It’s as though they are the found objects of the photography world.

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