When I was younger, I was a huge Pokémon fan. I played the games, had the cards, watched the cartoons, collected the toys…I even had the Pokémon themed Monopoly board game! Then I started secondary school, and I made the embarrassing faux pas of bringing my Pikachu stationery tin with me. This was wrong, I discovered. Pokémon was now “lame”. So, after an initial reluctancy, I gave up my penchant for Pokémon. Now I have more acceptable, grown up interests, like fashion. But thanks to the internet and Tumblr, there are small corners of cyberspace where my current love can be reunited with something that I still have a bit of a soft spot for. Thanks Pokémon & Fashion, you da bestest.

Another great example of a credible/cute combination, is this video which surfaced quite some time ago. Who would have thought that the My Little Pony characters would look so right doing Wu Tang?

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