Desolate Spaces

These eerie photographs portray places that are usually crowded and bustling during times when they are deserted. The pictures are a little jarring because of our expectations –  at first they struck me as post-apocalyptic and chilling, but after a while they evoke a contemplative stillness that almost makes me wish I was there. Being able to experience that vast emptiness must allow you to really see a place for what it is.

Oh yeah, and I’m also a bit of a misanthropist who hates the claustrophobia of crowded areas.

Times Square, New York, USA

Place Montparnasse, Paris, France

Columbus Circle, New York, USALucie & Simon are two photographers who took the above photos for the series ‘Silent World’, in which they visited some of the world’s most famous landmarks and busiest places at times of the day when they were unusually quiet.

Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg, Germany

Golden Gate, Berlin, GermanyThe Vom Bleiben series by André-Alexander Giesemann documents what clubs look like in the early hours of the morning, once the party’s over, everybody’s left and only the debris and beer bottles remain…bleak!

New South China Mall, Dongguan, ChinaImages of the New South China Shopping Mall by Matthew Niederhauser show a huge business venture that has gone catastrophically wrong. Built by a billionaire in 2005, this gigantic shopping mall in China was supposed to be a gargantuan shopping destination, and firmly establish China as a true economic giant. Unfortunately, it appears to have failed miserably, and the result is a 6.5 million square feet shell, with vacant retail lots and huge abandoned walkways where eager shoppers were supposed to be.

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