The Case Continues

Nearly a year after the Hackgate revelations began to unfold, the media circus still continues to dominate the news. With Rebekah Brooks’ recent court appearance, I’m beginning to enjoy the whole spectacle in the same way that a Sun reader would have enjoyed the salaciousness of, say, Kerry Katona’s rise and fall.

Private Eye’s efforts are, of course, absolutely flawless. When I saw this in my local newsagents it really did make me cackle like a witch.

Coupled with Vanity Fair’s snide remarks about Brooks’ outfit “evoking Winona Ryder’s court costume as imagined by Tim Burton”, and you can’t help but feel that the former tabloid queen is getting her comeuppance.

About that outfit though – it does make me a little bit puzzled. Here is a woman who has an extensive knowledge of how the media works, and yet she really isn’t doing a good job of portraying herself well.

Hopefully I’ll never end up appearing in a court room, but if I do I’ll be taking my style inspiration from Naomi Campbell – she’s a seasoned pro by now!

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