Lowlife To Luxe

Interesting accessories from Antiatoms and Cast Of Vices.

These whimsical leather bags are modelled on real paperbags and lunch bags.  Not sure how practical they’d be, but I like the idea all the same.

As soon as I saw this Cast Of Vices bracelet, I loved it. But I couldn’t decide whether I should admit to loving it. Most of the time I trust my own taste, but like most people, sometimes I do have a lapse of judgement (here’s an example – the first time I heard Tulisa’s new song, I kind of liked it).

It probably didn’t help that the rest of the Cast Of Vices collection contains some seriously lame drug and alcohol inspired jewellery, so you can show off your “vice”. It struck me as quite juvenile and seemed like the kind of stuff I’d wear when I was a seventeen year old rebellious wannabe. This gold plated wristband bracelet is a little different though – I really like the way that they have replicated something that is so commonplace and disposable and turned it into a high end piece to be worn all the time.

Conversely, people who wear actual festival wristbands long after the festival is over really wind me up. I don’t care what they might say about it being a “momento” or whatever, I’m convinced that the scruffy bastards who sport this trend just want people to know that they’ve been to several festivals. They might think they’re cool, but it’s really just not a good look. Wearing old festival wristbands only makes you look like you listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers a lot and use the words “chillax” and “epic” quite liberally. I’m no Anna Wintour or anything, but as far as I’m concerned taking off a void wristband is up there with regularly trimming your nails.

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