Nestlé Experiential Fountain

Nestlé recently teamed up with McCann Erickson New York to unveil the world’s first experiential fountain in Los Angeles. No idea what I’m on about? Well just wait until you understand, because it’s really quite brilliant.

“The Fountain of Electrolytenment” for Nestlé Waters was the first interactive water installation that answers questions in real time. As part of the launch of resource 100% Natural Spring Water, the fountain was featured at The Grove, Los Angeles, from May 3 to 6, 2012. “The Fountain of Electrolytenment” uses custom engineering, water technology, scenic design and artificial intelligence to create the first experiential fountain of its kind.

Questions posed to the fountain were answered in real time as a scripted sheet of water. Users could queue up to ask multiple questions and discover “total Electrolytenment” through this playful interactive installation. Designed to delight, surprise and uniquely engage audiences, the fountain was a featured element in the Southern California launch campaign for resource 100% Natural Spring Water. I think it’s a really inventive idea. It’s a shame it was only in L.A. though – it would be really cool if they repeated the stunt with the option of asking questions using Twitter or a Facebook app.

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