FedEx Enchanted Forest

The FedEx Enchanted Forest app is brilliant! It totally appeals to my inner child – I was one of those kids who believes in fairies and talking animals and stuff. Okay, so maybe I do secretly hope that one day my cat will start talking, but that’s…perfectly normal?

Anyway, I digress, this nifty little Facebook add-on is part of FedEx’s EarthSmart campaign – FedEx’s solutions for a more sustainable world. If you plant your virtual tree in the enchanted forest, then FedEx will donate more money to the Arbor Day Foundation. From the app:

“Helping a real-life forest is not a fairy tale. For every tree planted in the Enchanted Forest, FedEx will contribute to the Arbor Day Foundation to aid reforestation efforts in areas impacted by wildfires and drought”

Some people are quite disparaging towards “clicktivism”, and I agree to some extent. I’m sick of seeing my mum’s friends copying inconsequential stuff like “Put this as your status for one hour if you’re against bullying” onto their Facebook profiles. You can try and put a grass roots spin on it, but let’s face it, that kind of stuff is bullshit and helps no one. Having said that though, I think it’s really good that brands are trying to get in on charity activities, activism and environmentalism. It shows that even if they’re not exactly a friend of the earth, consumers are being more demanding about how companies impact on their surrounding ecology, and that is surely a positive aspect of the more passive forms of activism.

Now on to the fun bit – the best part of this app is that if you upload a decent enough photograph of your face, it makes you into a virtual enchanted tree. Usually the graphics on these kind of apps are a bit shoddy, but this one works very well – look at how cute I’d be if I was a tree! Try it too.

One more thing: when I used this app I was at work, so I had the volume off. I recommend you do the same. The cheesy forest song will make things lame if you don’t.

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