For The Love Of Books

It’s World Book Night!

These clever posters are for a library’s Book Exchange programme. The idea behind the service is that you can exchange a book that you own (and have presumably read) for one that you don’t own and haven’t read. The poster designs were created by Lowe/SSP3, and each ingenious design incorporates two literary silhouettes into one.

Here are some more examples of amazing book-themed art and design that I’ve seen recently.

I love the fragility of Thomas Allen‘s book cut outs.

Alexander Korzer-Robinson uses layered images within the pages of his books, creating a deep and surreal piece. Most of the dusty tomes that he uses are vintage illustrated encyclopedias or children’s picture books.

Guy Laramee treats books like wood or marble, carving into the medium to form detailed topographical landscapes.

2 responses to “For The Love Of Books

  1. thriftyniftygifty

    I love these photos especially the book cut outs! So pretty : )

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