Mini, Mini, Mini.

I’m one of the few girls I know who’s not scared of spiders. Nonetheless, creepy crawlies in general do my head in, and I especially hate flies (dirty), moths (annoying) and wasps (EVIL INCARNATE). Carmichael Collective set up these touching memorials to fallen beasties, and while it certainly didn’t make me want to mourn the loss of their tiny lives, it did make me think it was kind of cute and remind me of other macro art that I love.

Slinkachu often uses found objects to set up his tiny scenes, and some of them have quite bleak undertones.

The Pothole Gardener makes tiny gardens in the potholes in London’s roads, and often accessorises them with lilliputian props or furniture…

My favourites are these intricate polymer clay models of food by the incredibly talented Shay Aaron, an artist from Tel Aviv. He also makes food-themed jewellery which he sells on Etsy, and accepts commissions/requests. Just look at this stuff – the detail and scale is phenomenal!

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