Cute Advert Alert

Sometimes all it takes to make me smile is a cute nonsensical character, a well-chosen eighties pop song and…a cat, obviously. EDF’s new advert has all of these things! The ad was made by AMV BBDO, and the squidgy little mascot in it is called ‘Zingy’. More adverts featuring him are coming soon, so watch this space!

Of course, Zingy is not for sale – he’s a fictional animated mascot! But there is a dancing interactive robot on the market which looks and acts quite like him. The name of the toy is My Keepon, and the sales profits help fund research into autism. If you’re interested in having your own little Zingy to dance to whatever music you like, your best bet is probably a Keepon.

17 responses to “Cute Advert Alert

  1. He is called Zingy! More ads on the way…

  2. Cute nonsensecal character. How rude. He is cute. Maybe a glow worm.

  3. i wantttt a zingyyyy

  4. Sinister and in bad taste. In the commercial there is a scene of toy snipers shooting innocent car mechanics going about their work. Two mechanics are dead, one on top of the safety barrier. As this is a French owned company, and with the recent shootings in France. Why include this scene?

  5. Really bad taste: Half way through the commercial shows a scene of toy sniper shooting defenceless garage mechanics. One lies dead on the floor the other dead on the crash barrier. With the recent shootings in France you think they would show more respect.

  6. I have been assured there is ‘Zingy’ merchandise on it’s way! (Like they could get away with not producing something!)
    Looks like the little character is in high demand… 😮

    Ian Evans

  8. matthew wright13

    i think it is the best advert in the world on tv because make mom and me laugh can u do us a another

  9. matthew wright13

    my mom want zingy

  10. matthew wright13

    can you do female zingy please

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