Seriously Procter & Gamble, Seriously?!

Procter & Gamble are a huge company, and they own some of Britain’s best-loved and most successful brands. Alongside Unilever, Mars and Nestlé, they are one of those companies that have a lion’s share in FMCGs. So why on earth have they decided to settle for this piss-poor advert?

Did someone just knock it up on Windows Movie Maker or something? Couldn’t they even ensure that all the photographs at least filled the frame correctly?

This advert is also vaguely insulting – not only to all of the stay-at-home dads and house husbands out there – but also to all of the mums who P&G are supposedly celebrating. P&G do not ‘sponsor’ mums – these women pay good money for Procter & Gamble’s products!

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