Amber Atherton on My Flash Trash

Amber Atherton is a young, fiercely ambitious entrepreneur. Despite having just turned 20, Amber already runs her own successful online boutique, My Flash Trash, and plays a starring role in E4’s reality series ‘Made In Chelsea’. As a firm exponent of – and a fantastic example of someone who clearly has – the Birkin Effect, Amber spoke to Leonie about her hectic daily schedule and offered some pieces of advice to readers of The Birkin Effect blog:

So, you’re shooting Made In Chelsea at the moment. What’s your regular daily routine?

While I’m shooting Made In Chelsea, my day revolves around the filming schedule, but typically I’ll get up in the morning, squeeze a run in, reply to some emails, get over to filming, couple of meetings, maybe a press appointment, get into university for a quick lecture, get back, do some more emails and then…go to bed.

Wow, your day sounds pretty work-orientated! How do you find time for yourself?

I hardly ever find time for myself! It’s a definite flaw. It’s something that can be quite hard to factor into my day, but I like having long baths and reading…hahaha! Managing your day and time planning hour by hour is really important. People sometimes underestimate what they can do in a day, but if you plan it well you can pack a lot into twelve hours.

If you had to give three pieces of advice to readers of The Birkin Effect, what would you say to them?

Never believe that anything is unattainable – everything is, if you map it out and seek a way to achieve your goal. Secondly, don’t waste time when you’re younger. I firmly believe that the sooner you get started, the better and that you shouldn’t feel underconfident because you’re younger than other people within your field. Thirdly, when you go to bed, reflect on what you’ve achieved that day and think about the things that made you happy.

Tell us a little more about your online jewellery business…

My Flash Trash is an online jewellery boutique supporting up and coming designers from around the world and more established brands, and we are really an online community of stylish jewellery loving women.

How does My Flash Trash act as online community?

I think what My Flash Trash does is integrate media which is engaging in terms of having an online magazine, a comic, there’s our newsletter, video interviews, style hunter pieces – so it’s advice and trend inspiration as much as it is an online shop for unique pieces of jewellery.

Amber’s online boutique can be found at

Made In Chelsea is on TV every Monday at 10pm on E4. Watch previous episodes on demand at

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